Utility Billing

The City of Allen provides water, sewer, drainage, trash and recycling services to Allen residents and businesses. Utility Billing, a division of the Community Services Department, is responsible for customer services related to these utilities. This includes initiating and terminating services and all billing and collection services. Customers are billed on a monthly basis.
Senior Discount Available for Residential Trash Service
Beginning February 1, 2016, the City will offer a 20% discount for residential trash services for customers who are 65 years of age or older. Please read notice of implementation and application to see about eligibility. Application is on page 2.
High Water Bill?
Allen, like many North Texas communities, has residents that are concerned about their billed water usage quantities this summer. In response to resident inquiries about high water bills, the City of Allen Community Services Department has been assisting customers by providing consumption history and related information to address concerns. 

See below for a full list of frequently asked questions for more detailed explanations of the various concerns from residents.

We hope these answers and related efforts help to alleviate concern regarding recent water bills. The Community Services Department will continue to address customer inquiries as needed. Customers can reach the Utility Billing Division by calling 214.509.4560.
Please read this message from North Texas Municipal Water District answering frequently asked questions regarding Wholesale Water Rates and Water Supply Contracts.